Topps Project 2020: 5/27

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Mariano Rivera

You can spend a while deciphering all of the drawings on this card from JK5.

Cal Ripken Jr.

Cal Ripken Jr. receives the full Iron Man makeover from Don C. to make his nickname come full circle.

Today’s two Topps Project 2020 cards come from some of the most interesting artists of the bunch. JK5 with his black-line scribble of Mariano Rivera’s 1992 Bowman, and Don C’s 2nd player thus far with the “Iron Man’ Ripken.

UPDATE: print runs announced: 35330 for JK5, 41392 for Don C

JK5 Releases:

Don C:

Don C only has one release so far with Frank Thomas, and it’s not even in collector’s hands yet. With today’s announced print runs, who know when they later cards will start arriving.

Click here to check out the full Project 2020 Artist Gallery So Far!

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