Topps Project 2020: 6/15

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Topps Project 2020

Naturel X Don C.

Two of the more interesting artists on this 400-card set are head to head today, and represent two Hall of Fame icons. Naturel’s Frank Thomas and Don C. with Griffey Jr.


Frank Thomas

While Thomas’ 1990 rookie card is best known for its no-name version, Naturel’s rendtion brings some 80’s nostalgia with his A-Ha version of Frank Thomas.

Don C

Ken Griffey Jr.

In a complete turn of events Don C. decides to stray from the style of his first two cards by doing Griffey Jr. in a nature-element. He did Thomas and Ripken in metallic hues, but brings it back to an earth tone by doing Griffey Jr. in sand. Is it metaphorical? Is he trying to tell us something? We’ll see if there’s a pattern as this is only his 3rd card thus far. –Twitter has speculated that it was a nod to Keith Shore’s amazing Griffey print run.

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