Topps Project 2020: 6/4

Here are the latest releases for Topps Project 2020 on 6/4. See which artists and players are featured and learn more about this set.

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Here is everything you need to know about Topps Project 2020 for 6/4

Rochester & Shore

On today’s Project 2020 release we have Jacob Rochester’s Willie Mays and Keith Shore’s George Brett.

Two of my favorite artists make an appearance on today’s Project 2020 release. Jacob Rochester’s illustrations continue to impress, and with Willie Mays his style of bringing great bright colors to his designs really make this image pop. You can see more of his work on his Instagram page.

Rochester’s other players include (PR=Print Runs):

  • Mike Trout (PR 33818)
  • Ken Griffey Jr (9356)
  • Cal Ripken Jr (1576)
  • Frank Thomas (1480)
  • Sandy Koufax (1135)

Shore’s other players include:

  • Ken Griffey Jr. (99177)
  • Rickey Henderson (15741)
  • Mariano Rivera (9545)
  • Don Mattingly (1686)
  • Bob Gibson (1451)
  • Mark McGwire

Keith Shore has had seemingly back-to-back releases with his Ken Griffey card putting this whole project into perspective. Up until this point the print release had been around 30-40 thousand copies, but the Griffey shot this thing to the moon. And as expected, the collectors that were using these cards as down payments on a new home were upset with the over saturation that they ultimately bought into themselves. (If you’re new here, learn more about Project 2020 on this post)

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Did you pick either card up from this Topps Project 2020 on 6/4? Let me know in the comments below!

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