Topps Project 2020 for 6/8

Here is the Topps Project 2020 release for 6/8. See which artists and players are featured, and learn more about this iconic set.

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King Saladeen

Mr. Met makes an appearance on this Nolan Ryan classic.


Doc Gooden shines on this super clean release.

Topps Project 2020 for 6/8

Today’s releases are both Mets! And both pitchers! I have no idea if that was on purpose or not, but it makes for a fun release day indeed. King Saladeen brings his graffiti style to the Ryan rookie, but also showcases good ol’ Mr. Met running in the background. Learn more about Project 2020 here.

King Saladeen Releases (PR= Print Runs):

  • Ichiro, PR 11425
  • Derek Jeter, 9873
  • Willie Mays, 5459
  • Don Mattingly, 2763
  • Ken Griffey Jr, 2504

Grotesk continues his super clean lines in his releases featuring Gooden’s profile front and center with the bold Mets colors on the card. I’d love stickers of all of Grotesk’s release, or even patches. They are very logo-esque, and very pop-art. Which is unique to his creative style, as he uses a lot more geometric shapes I feel. But like I said- he keeps it simple and clean, and by his own admission, he wants to keep it that way. Here’s his commentary on each release: “My goal was to add my personal touch to the card without removing the essence and the beauty of the original”.

Also, check out this now laughably low print runs:

Grotesk releases

Check out Full Artist Gallery

Are you picking up any Topps Project 2020 releases for 6/8? Let me know which one is your favorite!

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