Topps Project 2020: 7/6

Here is the Topps Project 2020 release for 7/6. See which artists and players are featured and learn more about this iconic set.

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Topps Project 2020: 7/6

Ermsy & Don C

You down with Don C? Yeah you know me! Just kidding. I’m not a fan of his artwork, BUT he’s very consistent is forcing me to think a little deeper about his cards.

Ted Williams

Don C

The legend of Ted Williams batting from the heavens? No idea. What do you think he’s going for?

Sandy Koufax


Ermsy’s mind was always on the batter. Forcing them to whiff. Whiff so hard that it spells Koufax in the clouds. Ermsy acid-trip artistic vision is always a delight.

Topps Project 2020: 6/18

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