Topps Project 2020: 5/25 Print Runs

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UPDATE- print runs released and ooohhhh boy. That’s… a lot.

Today’s latest offerings feature two iconic rookie cards done by polar opposites as far as subtle artistic syles. Here are the Project 2020 cards for 5/25.

First- Keith Shore’s iconic Mikeller artwork has been around for years, but as collector’s begin to appreciate his whimsical style the aftermarket prices are reflecting the new-found appreciation. Ken Griffey Jr. is cartoonish, yes, but it’s fun! It’s baseball cardsssss–

Vides’ style has always been minimalistic, but in the comic-strip-meets-noir kind of way. His contributions thus far have all been with his signature black outline and dots. So while some of the artist’s recreated some of the 20 cards, Vides is really just enhancing them is a way to really highlight the subject matter.

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joshua VIDES

1969 Topps Nolan Ryan

keith SHORE

Guides off the Map to secret Destinations

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