Topps Project 2020: 6/9

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Here are the Topps Project 2020 cards for 6/9. Nice.

Ermsy X Gregory SIFF

Erms’y Trout continues to be the top selling card from this set, but Siff fans are really enjoying his interactions with the Project 2020 fans.

Derek Jeter by Ermsy
Derek Jeter


Ermsy’s has high print runs, but also high value on secondary market. His recent players include Gibson, Ichiro, Gooden, Ted Williams, and of course Mike Trout.

Bob Gibson by Gregory Siff
Bob Gibson

Gregory SIFF

Gregory Siff took Project 2020 by storm with his popular Derek Jeter crushing print runs at 48465, but his Ripken, Brett, Mattingly, and Nolan Ryan cards still bring in great value.

Full Artists Gallery Here!

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