Pack Preview: 2020 Elements Football

Here is the product breakdown for the upcoming 2020 Elements Football. See full insert breakdown including parallels and autographs.

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Panini America is literally getting the gauntlet ready for this heavy metal 2020 Elements Football release. With inserts like Metal cards, Mettle Moments, and Heavy Metal, these football cards are sure to inspire some rock n’ roll and geology. haha. Be on the lookout for this to drop around August 12th, 2020. Check out more Pack Previews here.


2020 Elements Football will have the inserts, short printed parallels, and on-card autographs collectors have grown to love.

Additional Product Features:

• Look for one on-card Autograph in each box with Steel Signatures, Heavy
Metal, Mettle Moments, or RPS Rookie Steel Signatures.
• Find Base Metal cards (#’d/79) featuring a stunning new design and vibrant
photography paralleling to Palladium (#’d/46), Cobalt (#’d/27), Neon
(#’d/10), Lithium(#’d/3) and Hydrogen (One-of-One).
• Chase on-card autos of some of the biggest stars, past and present, in NFL
history with Mettle Moments and Heavy Metal.
• New for 2020: Heavy Metal, Proton Patch Autographs, Supercharged,
Frequency, Team Chemistry and new SP Parallels

Parallel Breakdown

Base Metal

Base Metal Gold #’d/79
Base Metal Palladium #’d/46
Base Metal Cobalt #’d/ 27
Base Metal Neon #’d/10
Base Metal Hydrogen One-of-One

Rookies Metal

Rookies Metal Gold #’d/79
Rookies Metal Palladium #’d/46
Rookies Metal Neon #’d/10
Rookies Metal Lithium #’d/3
Rookies Base Hydrogen One-of-One

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal #’d/ Max 50

Mettle Moments

Mettle Moments #’d/Max 75


Steel Signatures #’d/ Max 199
Steel Signatures Copper #’d/29
Steel Signatures Neon #’d/10
Steel Signatrures Hydrogen One-of-One

RPS Rookie Steel Signatures #’d/ Max 149
RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Gold #’d/79
RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Copper #’d/29
RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Cobalt #’d/27
RPS Rookie Steel Signature Neon #’d/10
RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Carbon #’d/6
RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Hydrogen One-of One

Rookie Neon Signs Orange #’d/ Max 149
Rookie Neon Signs Blue #’d/ Max 125
Rookie Neon Signs Red #’d/ Max 50
Rookie Neon Signs Purple #’d/ Max 25
Rookie Neon Signs Yellow One-of-One
Rookie Neon Materials Signs Standard #’d/25
Rookie Neon Materials Signs Prime #’d/15
Rookie Neon Materials Signs Shield One-of-One

Neon Signs Orange #’d/ Max 129
Neon Signs Blue #’d/ Max 50
Neon Signs Red #’d/ Max 25
Neon Signs Purple #’d/ Max 10
Neon Signs Yellow One-of-One

Proton Patch Autographs #’d/ Max 99
Proton Patch Autographs Silver #’d/ Max 47
Proton Patch Autographs Cobalt #’d/ Max 27
Proton Patch Autographs Neon #’d/ Max 10
Proton Patch Autographs Hydrogen One-of-One


Please note, 2019 rookies used for example purposes only. Final cards may look different.

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