Project 2020: 5/22 Print Release

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Project 2020: 5/22 Print Release Update

Two heavy-hitters are featured in today’s drooppppppp. You have a high print guarantee with Jacob Rochester’s Trout, and Ben Baller comes with the sparkle reppin’ Dwight Gooden.
UPDATE: The print release numbers are in and they both feature considerable increases. The Trout hit 33, 818 and the Gooden hit 25,928. And the crazy thing is that they are both already selling past presell values, but there’s no telling on when these cards will get into collector’s hands.

Jacob Rochester 33818

Mike Trout

Today’s Mike Trout card does feature the iconic RC logo on the bottom, and the art here is very reminiscent of my 90’s Trapper Keeper

Ben Baller 25928

Dwight Gooden

Ben comes with the bling that is his trademark so far with these cards. The METS on the bottom is popping into your face!

Jacob Rochester has four cards already out at the time of this posting:

So three were way low before he popped off with Ken Griffey Jr., and last time I checked the sales report found on this post, way undervalued.

Ben Baller also has four cards before today:

See Project 2020 details and view price chart for range of recent online sales.

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