2014 Bowman Inception has 2013 Kris Bryant Autos

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Collectors ripping into 2014 Bowman Inception are discovering a nice little surprise.  Turns out, Topps bryant13chromedonotcopydecided to add a stack of Cubs star prospect, Kris Bryant, into the mix.  That wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary except the special cards aren’t just the normal ’14 Inception cards, (those are in there also), but these cards are from 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft.

I haven’t seen the odds on these, but from some information gathered via Blowout Cards and Twitter, these may be falling about one every 1-2 cases.

Very interesting inclusion on Topps’ part, but at least they got signed, and Bryant hasn’t yet turned into a bust.


It is also interesting to go back in time a little bit when Kris Bryant showed everyone that these 2013 cards existed in the first place.  Seems like everyone just expected them to appear in 2013 Bowman DPP, but the Topps camp decided to wait? Details soon, hopefully.  Here’s the tweet Bryant sent in October of 2013:



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