Pack Preview: 2013 Panini Select Football

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Panini America has announced the return of Select Football and fans of the set will be delighted with some of the upgrades included.  Panini boasts Prizm technology on this addition to give it more oomph and will introduce new inserts, including: Select Signatures, Select in Motion, Hot and White Hot Verterans and Select Stripes.

What you get:

Each main box will contain two seven-pack mini boxes and each mini box will have six cards in each pack.  Collectors should be on the lookout for the previously mentioned inserts and additional auto/mem cards that also feature rookies that attened the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premier.  These will also be online casinos available in Gold and Black parallels.

The rookie autographs will be featured on the Black Prizm technology which always seem to look better than the other parallels, so that”s definitely a good inclusion.


What we think:

Because this is a former Score product you get a lot of the same design aspects in this set.  Panini isn”t known for design innovation and these cards, while interesting, aren”t going to be head turners.  The excessive use of bold borders, and space fillers take away from the true subject matter- the players.  It”s a good, basic set that will have the rookie autos to help push, but I can”t see these cards making any long term secondary market headlines.  The only reason this is a critique is because of the box breakdown.  The two mini-box set up lends itself to being claimed as “high-end”, which in fact, these don”t come off as such.

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