Vintage Vault: 1926 W-512 Strip Cards

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The earliest baseball cards were added as incentives for consumers to purchase certain tobacco products.  In the mid-1920’s, different companies began trismanufacturing cards to be sold on their own as baseball began to take off on its lustrious career.  One of the highlights from this genre are the 1926 W-512 strip cards.

What is unique about this set is only the first 10 cards are baseball players.  The rest makeup different atheletes and celebrities, (sound familiar?), so it’s a small part of baseball card history, but still an important one.

Visually these cards aren’t that spectacular.  Most that you find now were hand cut, they have blank backs and a bit smaller than most of the other tobacco cards from this era.  Because most have been handcut you usually find rough edges, missing corners, but to most these are what makes them great.

The checklist is as follows:

(1) Dave Bancroft

(2) Grover Alexander

(3) “Ty” Cobb

(4) Tris Speaker

(5) Glen Wright

(6) Babe Ruth

(7) Everett Scott

(8) Frank Frisch

(9) Rogers Hornsby

(10) Dazzy Vance


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