2014 Bowman Lucky Redemptions

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For collectors ripping into 2014 Bowman there was finally an announcement made on the Lucky Redemptions being pulled.  Five different redemptions could be had, but no one knew what was to comephoto of it until now-

Topps announced that each of the five Lucky Redemptions will be for…drum roll…Kris Bryant refractor autos.


Wait, what?

Wasn’t Kris Bryant already IN 2014 Bowman?

So the numbers didn’t mean anything; every one is going to be a Kris Bryan Refractor autograph.  The only thing that is possible is Topps realized they didn’t quite spread the love on Bryant autos enough and wanted to make it up to collectors this way.

It doesn’t seem, as of yet, that collectors mind as prices of the lucky redemptions are still pretty high up in price.

Check out 2014 Bowman Lucky Redemptions HERE!


How do you feel about this inclusion? Great deal or kinda lazy?

Speak yo mind in the comments section!


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