Video Recap: 2013 Topps Finest UFC

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Before I started writing this little ol’ website I was fascinated by YouTube.  I was drawn into watching collectors all over filming box breaks, and sharing their passion via webcam.  It was also how the Show Me Your Hits, now SHOWYOURHITS, idea came about.  Showing off what you had a passion about.  Now that the website is come along quite nicely, (right?), I’ve decided to go back in time a little bit and showcase some videos of peoples box breaks on recent releases.

The premier post is going to be about 2013 Topps Finest UFC.  Finest is definitely a strong brand to do a box break with as it is moderately priced for what you get per full box.  Mini boxes are great too, but you might as well go for gusto.  The UFC’s new cover girl is Ronda Rousey and so far it looks amazing.  Check out some of the videos, and click the link in post to see a full checklist of this product. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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