The Baseball Card Vandals

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Baseball cards from 80’s commons to comedy

By: Danny Laurel

For Brian and Beau Abbott, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s allowed for a quick accumulation of sports cards that we’d all consider commons today.  They had two older brothers who also collected cards, so there was an abundance of cards from Tony Gwynn, Rickey

cardboardvandals1 Henderson, Ken Griffey Jr and of course boxes and boxes of cards that no one would remember today.  But as Beau explains, ” There is probably NOTHING better to do with a Don Aase 1990 Topps [card] than to write, ‘Do me…Do sex with me’ on it”. 

The website that they created is and it’s letting collectors know two things: Collecting is supposed to be fun and no players are safe.  They were both artistically-inclined children growing up and had plenty of free-time on their hands to start getting creative with their extra cards.  It started as a way to make each other laugh and has continued into adulthood with the website that has recently been featured on MLB Network.  Beau says, ” It’s pretty much our favorite thing ever, and it’s pretty great that other people are enjoying it too. We do know that Harold Reynolds, ‘Can’t get enough’, of us and loves it when they feature us on the network.”

The website has attracted fans to submit their own interpretations of cards, so they decided they would create a section for Guest Vandals. They held the competition over a month ago and received plenty of hilarious entries.  Five finalists were selected and they held a one-day vote from the fans of the site.  The winning phrase was, “Jim Gott a bad case of butt hand” and, as Beau puts it- is now immortalized in internet glory.

They are planning to announce another Guest Vandals competition, so be on the lookout for dates and when you’re ready submissions can be sent to [email protected].  They are also available on twitter ( @bsblcardvandals )





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