Topps enters the clothing market with new Tees

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Topps Sports Cards and Entertainment recently updated its website to include more items from the Topps Vault and even a foray into clothing.  The new website design has a fresh, modern feel to it and navigation is definitely smoother.

The online store is stocked with recent releases and the apparel department features vintage-inspired jersey tees, long-sleeved tees and MLB vintage tees.  The vintage tees feature various team icons and slogans and even had a semi-offensive Phillies t-shirt you can read about on Crackin’ Wax’s website. The offensive Phillies T-shirt has since been removed, but fear not, these shirts aren’t exclusive to Topps- they are from Homage t-shirts and there are other styles available as well.

The t-shirts are all baseball related, so hopefully we can see come collector-themed shirts and other sports in the near future.  Take a look at the vintage tee gallery and let us know what you think:

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