SHOW YOUR HITS: 2013 Topps baseball Series ONE

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2013 Topps Series One makes sets the bar high for this year.



The dust has settled a bit for the first Topps baseball release of the year, but interest is still strong with an improved flagship set from previous years.  The solid design, great inserts and notable removal of, ahem, gimmicks has helped propel this set to the top of collectors interests.

One of my favorite things about this years’ set are the diecut inserts.  With a great checklist and design, the diecut cards seem to standout among the other inserts.  In keeping with the “Chase” theme, the ‘Chasing History’ inserts are done well, but fell a tad short with design.  The paneling on the sides becomes a bit tired after going through the different players.  One thing to note is the retail versions do have different color parallels which makes it a little more interesting.

Always a fan favorite are the minis and this years’ 1972 versions are no different.  If you’re not a fan of that ‘disco-vibe’ then check out the ‘Chasing the Dream’ inserts.  These have a scoreboard-like feel to them, and they feature the top up and coming players that the MLB has to offer.

So far the secondary market has been good to Topps Series One with one exception; the thick Award Winners inserts have fallen a bit short with a strong autograph and relic class of players.  They are definitely one of the highlights, but only players like Koufax and Gibson are breaking the $20 mark on the most recently sold items list.  Hopefully people will start to search them out once the other inserts have been scooped up.

At the time of this article the Million Dollar Chase code card site has been activated, but the code cards were still not working. I will continue to check on that for everyone.


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