Spring training provides opportunity for autographs

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We’re about a month away from the beginning of Spring Training and memorabilia collectors across the country are preparing for another run of address gathering and mail sending.  Penn Shelly gives a quick how-to on obtaining autographs through the mail, otherwise known as TTM. If you have any success stories on TTM that you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.  


Sending out Through The Mail autographs, commonly known as TTM’s, can be a fun and exciting. If you know what you’re doing it can be a very successful, easy project. Below I will post how to do a TTM:

1. First you want to pick the item to send to be signed like a card, photo, ball, or other item. Always remember though that the player may not sign it,  and you may never get it back .
2. Check if the player who’s autograph you want does sign through the mail. A very reliable site to use is . They have many users,  and on there you can check the success rate for athletes who do sign. Also on this website they post the address used to obtain a signature.
3. Make sure to write a nice note to the athlete and thank them for their time and wish them luck for the season.
4. Always include a pre-paid envelope or bubble mailer in the package to send to the athlete. If you do not send a pre-paid package for them to return your items in you will most likely never get them back.
5. These can take from anywhere from 1 week to 2 years to get back depending on who you send to. If you ship a package it is usually best to get delivery conformation on the package so it doesn’t get lost or stolen.
6. When sending items to get signed usually send 1-3 per person. When an athlete receives a lot of items from one person they usually will not sign many of them or will not sign any at all. Just be polite in your letter and send only a few things.
7 . Make sure you have the correct address, then just put a stamp on it and send it off. Spring training is the best to get autographs! Most players will sign then.
So sending TTM’s can be fun but it is a lot of work! If you do it correctly you will get many success’s back. I hope these tips could help and have fun sending TTM’s!!!
– Penn Shelly

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  1. Great tips, Penn! This is my first time hearing about “TTM’s.” I may try to get a baseball signed for my husband. Thanks for posting!
    Your English Teacher 🙂

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