2012 Bowman sees flip-flopped Cabreras!

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When a new product comes out most people are scurrying about trying to find out what all of the short-prints or variation cards are available.  With Topps Heritage there were image-swaps, and color variations, with Gypsy Queen there were mini-variations, photo difference, many things to keep collectors brains fried, like my own.

The other thing people seem to enjoy is finding mistakes within a product whether they were done on purpose or on accident, i.e. Billy Ripken error card, or mistakes within 1963 Topps to name a small sample.  After listing a handful of 2012 Bowman cards it occurred to me that two cards had their respective images flip flopped.  The Miguel Cabrera and Asdrubal Cabrera International cards feature each other”s image on their repsective cards.

Miguel Cabrera

Asdrubal Cabrera  

Pretty interesting.  No word from Topps on whether these are on accident or on purpose.

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