Upper Deck Entertainment ready to release Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG

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Upper Deck Entertainment announced that they were making a trading card game of the popular online version of Marvel Super Hero Squad to large fanfare. UD had already released cards featuring characters from the cartoon, but this will allow people to play the game whenever, wherever based off of the online version.

This marks another product to be released in the ever-growing TCG market, that will try to find a niche among the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic among others.  The benefit of releasing a product like this is

BLADE card from upcoming relase

the brand is already popular among people of all ages.  The Marvel Super Hero Squad is already featured as the online game, but also includes toys and the extremely popular cartoon.

If you’re not already a fan of the online version of this game, the rules will remain similar and the ease of use will be great for first time players.

Set to be released on April 24th, 2012, it will feature 300 cards and showcase all of the popular Marvel characters including, Wolverine, Spider-man, Captain American, among others. It has great bright pictures and colors that will make playing this game  fun to look at and play.

As with most TCG products, fans will be able to pick up player ‘theme-packs’ that feature the main players and will be able to add to their decks from other 1 or 2-player packs that feature super-rare foil cards and collector coins.  Also available will be playmats to showoff you deck that will be included in the two-player packs.

TCG games are great for hobby shop owners to drive traffic into their store.  Store owners can hold tournaments featuring these cards and  that will benefit the community and drive traffic to the shop.  Find more information from

Marvel Super Hero Squad card
Dr. Strange card
Dr. Strange
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