Checklist Chat: 2014 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

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Now that the checklist is live for 2014 Topps Museum Collection baseball we can rip it apart and scrutinize it  for all that”s holy, but something is different with 2014″s version; it”s kind of amazing.

One of the first things I noticed were the newerold timers making into 2014 products. Players like Bo Jackson and Deon Sanders, but all newly elected Hall of Famers from Atlanta; Maddux and Glavine.  Those two are also featured on a triple auto with them and, surely, future Hall of Famer John Smoltz.  That is a dream card to have for any Braves fan and Hall of Fame autograph collector.

2014 Museum also contains autographs from Jose Abreu and famed Yankees pitcher Tanaka.  He”s already worth of a one-name title.

With this product you”ll try and find more cut relics, but these cut relics all seem worth of having cuts.  There have been numerous times (“14 Heritage) when cut autographs feature players that are still alive, but check out this list:

MCCS-BR Babe Proverite nase rastuce jackpot-ove i scratch card igre koje nude kombinaciju zabave, igre i visokog profita online casino . Ruth New York Yankees®
MCCS-DD Don Drysdale Los Angeles Dodgers®
MCCS-DS Duke Snider Brooklyn Dodgers™
MCCS-EL Ernie Lombardi Cincinnati Reds®
MCCS-EW Earl Weaver Baltimore Orioles®
MCCS-FF Ford Frick
MCCS-GF Gabby Hartnett Chicago Cubs®
MCCS-HH Harry Hooper Boston Red Sox®
MCCS-JD Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees®
MCCS-JF Jimmie Foxx Boston Red Sox®
MCCS-JM Joe Medwick St. Louis Cardinals®
MCCS-MO Mel Ott New York Giants™
MCCS-PT Pie Traynor Pittsburgh Pirates®
MCCS-RK Ralph Kiner Pittsburgh Pirates®
MCCS-RS Ron Santo Chicago Cubs®
MCCS-SM Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals®
MCCS-TW Ted Williams Boston Red Sox®
MCCS-WG Warren Giles
MCCS-WS Warren Spahn Milwaukee Braves™
MCCS-WST Willie Stargell Philadelphia Phillies®

Pretty solid lineup.

I will be showcasing different parts of this checklist, but make sure you check out the orginal post with gallery and full checklist here.


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