Yasiel Puig's MLB debut excites cardboard world



The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a shock of electricity given to them in the form of Cuban breakout star, Yasiel Puig.  In the first three games of his major league career, Puig has hit two homeruns and has had five runs batted in.  He also threw a runner out on 1st base from right field in is MLB debut.  With a spark plug of that nature sports card companies have been quick to react.

Brain Gray from Leaf posted on the twitter account:


And Topps announced on Thursday that they will feature Puig base cards in all of the 2013 baseball products, including redemption autos in the upcoming Bowman Inception, Tier One, and Allen & Ginter.

Puig”s cards on eBay have been selling strong as well.  Recent cards sold anywhere between 15- 400 dollars and current listings are showing no signs of slowing down.

That”s how this hobby works sometimes, so it is fun to sort through your piles of cards and try to find that sparkle of gold amidst the piles of cardboard.