Collector Q&A Oct. 4th 2012

In an ongoing, weekly, segment- Sports Card Magazine wants to hear from the you, the collectors.  This week we showcase Chuck Vanderbilt.  Each week the questions will be the same, so if you’re interested feel free to send us an email( SportsCardMagazine at Gmail dot com) 

What is your name?

Chuck Vanderbilt

Where are you from?

The Houston Area

Favorite sports memory?

Being a life long baseball fan, I have several great memories. However, my favorite collective memory has to be the many times throughout my childhood that my grandmother would check me out of school early to go catch a game. Don’t get me wrong, education was a priority and no matter what, I still had to go to school that day.

Favorite sports team?

Houston Astros

What player(s) do you collect?

Bob Gibson is the main focus of my personal collection, but I also collect many HOF players as well as current and former Astros players.

What would you like to see more of in the hobby?

Being a collector that focuses mainly on baseball, I would like to see other manufacturers get licensing. As a business owner and consumer, I appreciate competition.

What would you like to see less of in the hobby?

I’d like to see less complaining and negativity across the board. It’s easy to tear something down, especially when you aren’t building anything.

What is your favorite product this year, so far?

My favorite product of the year personally has to be Topps Heritage. The 1963 Topps design is one of my favorites and I am big fan of the on card autographs. It’s the only complete set I have in my collection.

What is your least favorite product this year, so far?

Considering I am a baseball collector, I will give you my least favorite baseball product. I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of Topps Finest. I think the card design turns me off the most. That being said, 2012 SP Signature Baseball was just awful in my opinion.

Thanks again to Chuck Vanderbilt!  He can be found on twitter: (@chuckvanderbilt)

  • fatcatt

    Always great to see a fellow Stros fan..Looking forward to Singleton and Cosart. Give this team a few yrs and they’ll be back. Though It ticks me off to no end they moved them to the A.L..Especially with some of the newer teams not pulling their own weight..anyway glad I found this site. Will be a daily stop. Thanks

    • danolaurel

      Thanks for visiting !!