2020 Bowman Top Prospects to Collect

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2020 Bowman Top Prospects are going to be the biggest push to this set increasing. That’s not different from any other years, but there are some beefy names making this prospect set almost unattainable for some folks. Here are the 2020 Bowman top prospects to collect.

Which are the key prospects to snag from 2020 Bowman 1st edition? The immediate sellout created a frenzy for demand on these packs with them seemingly flying off of the shelves.  Full disclosure: I tried to purchase them, but the website and my internet had other plans.


With prospects always being an uncertain bet sometimes you just have to strike when the iron is hot. There are definitely examples of prospects being worthless when they’re released only to skyrocket down the road.  I found a handful of old Christian Yelich cards that sold for $40 in 2020, but it’s a lot more exciting to sell cards when they’re released.  Long term isn’t for everyone, especially with sports cards.

Now that the full 2020 Bowman checklist is out collectors can start to prioritize team breaks, or players to collect.

Here are the notable prospects to snag based off of recent eBay sold prices:

Jasson Dominguez is the draw from this set for sure. (His first non 1st edition is already up in the hundreds) Despite the janky photoshop to get him in pinstripes he has been the top draw from this set with his base card selling over $100, the gold foil selling for $1751, sky blue foil $429, so yeah. You get the picture.

Robert Puason has some top final sale prices too. His green auto was ‘best offered’ under $2500, refractor auto under $2000.

Robert Puason

1st edition Bowman set expectation

Jasson Dominguez

Guides off the Map to secret Destinations

Bobby Witt Jr.

Tips on what to look for that make or break a trip

Bobby Witt Jr. has a yellow foil that was ‘best offered’ under the $999 mark, so be on the lookout for his card to maintain those values.

From an investment standpoint I wouldn’t buy these cards at the current prices, but I’d definitely look into the packs themselves and rolling the dice. There’s never any guarantee that these prospects will hold onto these prices, but if you get a box (around $900) they have 24-packs you can roll the dice with.

Full Checklist Can be Found Here

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