Pack Preview: 2014 Topps Dynasty

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When the first glimpse of 2014 Topps Dynasty arrived there was only one picture released to make judgement on.  Topps has since remedied that with additional images to drool over.  I’ll get to that, but first let’s talk about price point: Last year Panini America released Flawless with an ENORMOUS price tag attached, but collectors bought it and collectors seemingly love it.  So far, such is not the case with the recent buzz on Twitter, but I’m not quite sure what the difference is.  Maybe the lack of precious gems?


Back to the price; each box contains ONE pack with ONE card in it that should go for around $260-$300 at retail, but Topps boasts Dynasty to have one of the most thought out checklists ever made for a product of this magnitude.  You won’t find any scrubs here, apparently.  It’s going to feature all on-card autographs that will all be numbered to 10 or less, and 50 legendary cut autos all 1/1. To fill in the blanks, there are also Dual Relics with an on-card autograph (#/5), and cut signature dual relic cards (1/1).

So a quick calculation means this product is going to be extremely limited, or players that most of us think are “scrubs” may end up in here.  We’ll see once the checklist is released.

But take away the price point and you are definitely left with a good looking product.  Its like a sepia-tone National Treasures baseball with a logo.  Even the ‘Topps Dynasty’ font is eerily similar as well as the placement of it.

Check out the amazing gallery and leave a comment on your thoughts:

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  1. This will be one product I will never be able to afford. I can still drool over the Yankees cards though.

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