Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Finest Baseball

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Topps Finest Baseball turns 20!


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Turning 20 years old is a momentous occasion as it is the last year of being a teenager. For Topps, having a product turning 20 is also special as it marks another anniversary worth celebrating as its Finest brand is ready to hit the two decade mark with its release later this year.

With the 2013 release of Finest- what better way to look back then to showcase some of the great inserts that were included in the 1993 set and feature autographed buybacks from the same set.  What’s also pretty special is that some of the players featured were born around the time of Finest’s initial release. Time sure does fly.

Two six-pack mini boxes make up a master box with eight master boxes being inside each case.  The guarantees per master box are: One on-card autographed rookie card refractor and one autographed jumbo relic rookie card.  This is definitely a product that has more value when you go for the gusto and buy the master box with the two mini-boxes. With a product such as this, you know you’re going to hit one of those in a mini-box, might as well get both. Especially with a 100-card base set.  Easy set to put together quickly.

The auto’d rookie refractors will have parallels for collectors to chase down. X-fractors (#/149), Green (#/125), Orange (#/99), Gold (#/50), Red (#/25), Atomic (#/5) and SuperFractor and printing plates each limited to only one copy.

The jumbo relics with feature the same parallels, but the Red, Atomic, SuperFractor and printing plates will all feature more detailed patches.  Also included are triple auto’s that will be numbered to only five copies.

With the Finest release in 1993, a lot of collectors were introduced to the idea of a Refractor for the very first time.  Even chrome technology for most of us was fairly new and extremely inventive. With this latest installment, Refractors are a plenty and, as previously mentioned, the main draw with be the throwback items.

The 1993 Topps Finest inserts will recreate the classic design using current MLB players. Refractors will be numbered to 25 copies. All-Star inserts will also be included, but those refractors will be numbered to 10 and autographed versions numbered to only five.

Finest Masters refractors will be numbered to 50, but autos will be numbered to 15 or less and there will be SuperFractor versions that are, of course, 1/1. Finest Prodigies Die-Cut refractors will feature top rookies and these autos will only have 10 copies of each and will also have a SuperFractor parallel that is also like the rest- 1/1.

Finally, extra inserts are always fun because they’re unexpected. 2013 Finest will have rookie redemptions good for a rookie autograph numbered to 100. These will be announced throughout the 2013 MLB season.

Autographed buyback cards will be numbered to five and feature top players from the 1993. Also be on the look out for Jumbo Autographed box toppers numbered to five and Hot Boxes. In these, each base card is a refractor parallel of the 1993 Finest design.

Lots of shine, color and memories to be had this year.  Throwbacks are always fun, but can easily go wrong.  20 years is a great opportunity to have some fun and it looks like Topps will bring that to this set.


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