Pack Preview: Mars Attacks: Invasion

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Mars is ready to attack again following last year’s success with the Heritage re-issue.  The upcoming Mars Attacks: Invasion is a revival of the Mars Attacks franchise and it will receive an updated look and feel, but stay true to its roots.

Adam Levine has overlooked the Topps Mars Attacks franchise and says, “This brand-new series is what we’ve been building to. It will be a fresh imaging of the original series and will stay faithfrul to Mars Attacks’ pulpy, classic sci-fi roots. ”


Levine stated in an email response that this version will not be on the Heritage stock from last year, but on current day stock with full bleed pulp art.  The vintage look and feel of the original will be kept along with stories on the back of each card. The Heritage card stock served a great purpose introducing this beloved set back into collector’s hands, so this new look may raise some eyebrows.  It’s important to note that this version is the same look and feel, and it helps moved the card set forward and updated.

Acclaimed artists included to work on this installment include legend Earl Norem,  Joe Jusko, and renowned painters Ed Repka, Glen Orbik, Gregory Staples and more being announced soon.

Included in the Invasion will be original 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards inserted into packs along with additional chase subsets and valuable inserts.

Be sure to catch all of the giant insects, flying saucers and ray guns with Mars Attacks: Invasion releases in October of this year, and make sure you follow them on


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