Tristar Houston Collectors Show: Day ONE

January serves as the launching pad for the biggest collector show in Houston put on by Tristar Productions. With over 30 autograph guests, ( Mike Tyson, Carlos Correa, Jose Canseco, Ernie Banks and more) and hundreds of dealer tables this show is a great opportunity for sports fans and collectors to enjoy a fun filled weekend and a chance to meet some of your favorite athletes.

Day one is usually a slower paced day as most dealers are still setting up, but today was a little busier on the first day than in years past.  The first matter of business was the announcement of additional signers cancellations.  Brooks Robinson had already cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, but when I arrived a notice was at the ticket window saying Pat Donavan, Blaine Nye, and HOF’er Jim Palmer were now unable to appear.  Bummer for any Orioles fans hoping to get Robinson and Palmer on a shared piece.

Collectors sorting through card boxes.
Collectors sorting through card boxes.

Other than that- a lot of the dealers were already set up and ready to go.  Still not as busy at the next two days will be, but a good buzz among the group of people walking around.  Plenty of dealing to be had here.  Everything from large assortment of wax boxes, vintage goods, uniforms and various random items can be found at this show and it was good to see that this show doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

One curious omission was the Insider Sports Deals booth was missing this year.  Last year they were set up next to the show merchandise booths, but not this year.  Not sure if Tristar didn’t want them to compete as they are essentially the same company.

This being a Texas show, there were plenty of home team items to be had with a good majority being the Astros first pick in the draft, Carlos Correa.  He will be one of the signers on Sunday, so stay tuned for that. And with Friday being the first day, it starts later in the day and there aren’t very many players signing.  Today only featured three- all Texans football players, but two of the three were free.

Enjoy some of the pictures!

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