Do Autograph Hounds Hurt the Hobby?

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I’ll be the first to say that when I’m at my local minor league ballpark I take a handful of different cards for players I expect to see at the game.

My local ball park is Dell Diamond and it’s home to the Rangers AAA-affiliate, the Round Rock Express.  The players come out in left field and there’s an area where you can stand to try and snag an autograph before or after the game.  It’s a nice set up, actually.

Typically you see the same faces each game.  The autograph collectors with cards taped to various pages in a book or a binder, pen ready to be grabbed and have the player sign in passing.  Professional autograph collectors looking to add to their collection.

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You also see the uglier side to the hobby.

People with a box full of photos of the same player with the hopes that the one player will sign multiple photos are cards so the ‘collector’ can then sell them on eBay.

Is it wrong to make a few bucks on the side? Absolutely not.

Is it wrong to get pissed off that a player didn’t want to sign your nine copies of the photo or trading card? Absolutely.

Carli Lloyd’s fame has skyrocketed since her star-studded performance in the women’s World Cup, so it’s not surprise that her collectibles market has risen as such.  She’s in high demand, so people want her autograph; that’s to be expected.

But still, there are those that feel they are ENTITLED to her time, and feel they can be obnoxious, or rude because she doesn’t spend countless hours signing for everyone.

Her frustrations we taken to Twitter where she expressed her thoughts on the dark side of autographs:

A few fans came to her defense after more of the situation came about:


How do you feel about getting autographs, or are you a hound too that doesn’t see anything wrong with it?  Free yo’ mind in the comment section below.

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  1. I don’t see anything wrong with getting one at a time. However, asking for multiple at once, unless your at a paid signing, is asking a bit much. Especially if it is the same thing(like multiple of the same photo). Maybe two if you got something like a jersey and a photo or if it is for someone else but that’s depending on the setting of where your trying to get the autograph is.

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