Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Museum Collection Football

UPDATE: The full checklist is now available here.
The football faithful are beginning to sweat as the first preseason NFL games are about to begin.  Football cards are picking up steam and Topps unveiled their next high-end addition with Museum Collection.  Baseball has received the ‘Museum’ treatment for a couple years now, so it is only fitting that if something is working in baseball, let’s try it in football.  (How y’all liking Archives football?)

As with most high dollar products, Museum Collection is going to be hobby only.  That being said, this product is definitely a fun break. ( If you can wait until mid-February) Every pack will have three base cards, a parallel and a ‘hit’ card, and every box will include 1 jumbo relic, 1 quad relic, 1 on-card auto and 1 auto/relic.

Every case is guaranteed one jumbo patch autograph and one museum collection framed on-card autograph.  These are almost worth dishing out for the case if you can.  They are some of the nicest cards out there today.

Just like in baseball, Museum will have parallels, the canvas collection and the canvas collection originals. Instead of logoman cards, football will have NFL shield cards and also feature Nike Swoosh relic cards.  Both of those will be 1/1 cards to chase.

Autograph cards will include: Signature Swatches dual, triple and Pro Bowl signature swatches. The on-card gallery with be single and dual auto cards.  All of these mirroring the paralleling of the base cards.  Lots of low numbered autos in this set will make for a nice explosion on the secondary market.

Design-wise, the football version doesn’t look a whole lot different from some of the other football products out on the market, but it’s a solid design.  The promise of on-card autos is always a good thing to promise collectors.  Of course if all of those on-card autographs end up as redemptions, well then forget everything I just typed.

What do you think of the NFL getting the Museum Collection treatment? Let us know in the comments below!