Ooops they did it again…

Not quite sure what to say about tonight’s performance. I wrote in my twitter account that I was ready to throw Happ to the wolves after the first inning, but he seemed to settle in quite nicely.
He was hitting his spots and was showing signs of confidence with his pitches. Not sure if his HORRIBLE scruff has anything to do with it.
Then came the relievers. Abad, Aneury, etc, blegh. I want to dislike Mills. It’s easy for a fan to point all fingers to the manager. It was also easy to blame the former pitching coach Arnsberg for the misshaps. Turns out it wasn’t him who was the problem.
Yes, Mills sometimes leaves in the bad pitchers for one-run too long, but look what he’s working with. If you ever watch a Cardinals game, see how LaSorda runs his bullpen. It’s like a brothel with all the guys coming in and out of that place. That seems to work for them, but it’s not necessarily the case for the Astros. One can’t keep swapping out poo for more poo.
I digress.
The relievers need to moved, let go, benched. Not sure but we can’t rank in the top for 2B’s and team AVG and keep giving up all these leads. sigh.

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