Astros lose, again…

It’s another game that the Astros have lost and I’m beginning to expect it now.  That’s sad, right?  One should never expect your favorite team to lose.  I’m surprised now when they win and super excited when they win by a lot.

I’m more frustrated now than ever because I know their potential as a team.  They have immense talent, but sadly, no guidance.  I’ve said this on numerous occasions, but Brad Mills needs to go.  He’s a really nice guy and a baseball brain.  Someone who is trying is hardest to get his team to rally, but he’s still a new manager coaching a really young team.  Especially because the “veterans’ on the club aren’t pulling their weight.   It’s not his time for this team.  For now we need someone with some balls experience to whip these guys into shape.

I’m confident they will come around.  It’s whats to be expected.


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