Topps Unveils New Flagship Design for 2016



Topps unveiled its new design for 2016’s flagship series on Twitter recently, and I’ve got to say; I have mixed feelings about it.

While I do enjoy the time the creative people took to design the newly updated look, I do feel there’s something to be said about consistency among brands.

If I want cards to look a certain way I purchase certain products, so the new update looks to swallow a bit of another product (Stadium Club?) and try to have its own identity.

Now I know that over the spectrum of the Topps flagship series it has undergone plenty of changes.  Changes that can be relived with its Heritage product, but I have grown to love a simplistic approach of the white-bordered cards with subtle enhancements over the recent years of its release.

I mean, when you’re shopping for Ginter you want it to look like Ginter, you know?

But I digress-

As i’m more casually a collector nowadays it’s definitely easier to appreciate some of the looks that I was divulged into much heavier, so it may just be a modern-nostalgia ( is that a thing?).

What do you think of the new design? Chime in on the comment section below.