Five MLB Rookies to Collect in 2015

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In modern-day collecting, rookies and prospects help drive interest in a years worth of products. (Those set collectors help too) Without the anticipation of what a prospect is capable of doing, sets like Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects and Panini’s Elite Extra Edition wouldn’t exist. When prospects and/or rookies get hot, dealers can sell more product as collectors drive up interest.

In the last 5-6 years, and handful of prospects and rookies have come with such hype that the products they were in became hard to find, or priced out regular collectors.  2010 Bowman with Stephen Strasburg comes to mind, and 2012 products with rookies like, Yu Darvish, Brett Lawrie, and Yoenis Cespedes drove up demand.

It looks like the rookies coming up in 2015 are going to help make these sets fun for collectors. Here are some of the top MLB rookies to be on the hunt for in 2015 products:


1. Kris Bryant has already made an impact on the Chicago Cubs in the little time since he’s been called up.  Prices have been rising since he was on cardboard as a prospect, and now that his cards have the ‘RC’ logo on them, look for those to continue to go up. Notable: 2015 Topps Series 2, 2015 Topps Archives, and 2015 Topps Finest.


2. Carlos Correa is no longer a glimmer of hope for the Astros.  With a team that has been cruising along atop the AL West division, Correa serves as a dagger to the rest of the league to help take them to the post season.  Already with multiple homeruns, his 2013 Bowman cards have been rising, but 2015 sets will represent him as a big leaguer. Notable: 2015 Bowman, ‘15 Panini EEE, ‘15 Topps Pro Debut


3. Joey Gallo was called up to replace Adrian Beltre at third base for the Texas Rangers, but it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere once Beltre returns.  He will admit that his approach is definitely, ‘swing for the fences’, but so far it’s paying off for the Rangers. Notable: 2015 Topps Pro Debut, ‘15 Bowman


4. Byron Buxton was ranked the #1 MLB prospect going into the 2015 season and finally got called up in early June.  Though he made a quick splash for the Minnesota Twins, he was put on the disabled list soon after.  We’ll see if he can bounce back and end the 2015 season on a high note.  Notable: 2015 Panini EEE,15 Topps Pro Debut, ’15 Bowman, ‘15 Panini Prizm



5. Joc Pederson has already hit 19 homeruns at the time of this posting, so Pederson is definitely giving the Dodgers some pop.  Now that he’s appearing in 2015 products, fans of Pederson have a great array of rookies from which to choose. Notable: 2015 Topps Archives, ‘15 Panini Diamond Kings, ’15 Topps Stadium Club. 

What are some rookies in 2015 that you feel will make the most impact on the hobby? Let me know in the comment section below!

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