2015 Topps Stadium Club Base Cards Impress

The 2014 version of Topps Stadium Club fell flat on a lot of collectors.  The format was off, the pricing was off, and it never regained any acclaim until dealers began to discount the product heavily.

It wasn’t a horrible looking set, but the execution of the release format was just something that collectors couldn’t get on board with.  As a collector, it was mostly the price, but I was able to grab some great autographs (on-card mind you) for a fraction of the price.

Fast forward to the 2015 release.

Topps has been teasing the release of this set on Twitter, and you can sense there’s definitely a different attitude about this latest installment.  For me, the base cards are what are going to make this a great set.  When was the last time you were able to say that? The 2015 Topps flagship set was the first set of the year, and it was a flare shooting brightly into the sky announcing that the Topps camp was ready to mix it up.  The normal white-bordered cards were replaced by bold, explosive colors, and Stadium Club continues the trend.

The base cards are almost pages ripped out of a coffee-table book documenting the history of baseball.  Whether it’s dramatic moments on the field, or an image pulling back the curtain offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the person behind the ballplayer, the full-bleed base cards will be what elevates this set. And it stays true to what Stadium Club has always been; a set that relies on great imagery to draw in collectors.

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