Where have I been?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  The world of sports cards has changed a bit since I was posting on a regular basis; some good things, some not so hot.

There have been card companies shutting things down; a blogger went to work for a price guide who then went to work at Topps; oh and speaking of Topps, they finally sent me a replacement for my redemption. ( It was so sick, but still doesn’t change the fact that redemptions stink).  And I also started a new venture: Texas Brew & BBQ.

All of those things don’t change the fact that real life continues to go on whether or not I keep up this website.  One of the main reasons I took a step back was quitting my really well-paying job to pursue another venture took a lot of extra spending money out of my pocket that I’d normally spend on sports cards.  The bloggers, or website owners, or whatever, don’t get paid for this.  We spend our own money to do box reviews, buy packs and show off those ‘hits’, so during that time, writing about sports cards became a challenge, while writing about food and beverage was a little easier.

So here we are.  I’ll be picking this back up little by little, and hope to continue the conversation with you loyal friends and collectors.

Note: I had a whole section written about how crazy case breaking has become and how card companies have in turn put themselves in a weird position by heavily promoting select case breakers.  It was thoughtful and insightful, but alas, I shelved it.  Maybe another time..