Extra fun added to 2014 Topps Baseball Series Two

Topps cards announced via email an extra addition for collectors in packs of 2014 Topps Seriimage001es two baseball.  Randomly inserted code cards for Sony Playstation’s ’14 MLB The Show can be used for $4.99 of online currency to be used to give your team a boost.  The insert cards can be found in both hobby and retail packs. Topps wants you to read to official details here:  http://www.topps.com/2014MLBtheshow

There are also some great new features in Series Two.  Here is more information from Topps:

“•         SABR STARs  – Inserts, Relics and Autographs that highlight modern sabermetric stats and the players that best exemplify them.

•         Future Stars that Never Were (Hobby Only) – Beautiful, thick stock Autograph cards with foil coverage that feature reprints of great players who never received a Future Stars card. (image attached)

•         Breakout Moments (retail only)  – Autograph and relic cards that feature baseball’s Superstars and highlight the moment they broke out and established themselves as a star.”


So, some extra oomph added to retail and hobby packs for collectors.  What do you think about the extra inserts? Feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section.



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