Pack Preview: 2014 Topps Five Star Baseball

Five Star baseball is returning in 2014 and has some oomph in terms of autographs added to it.  The high-end release will feature all on-card auto’s including the new addition of Golden Graph autos which will feature gold ink.

Coming in at around $400 at retail, Five Star is definitely a high-risk, high-reward set in an almost cluttered high-end release schedule. Set to be released at the end of the year, maybe Five Star can capitalize on a strong holiday season.

Stylistically speaking, Five Star hasn’t changed too much in terms of overall design.  There is a new background that is similar to a cathedral ceiling, and the Silver Signatures autograph set has some interesting swirls going on.  Take a look at the gallery below and share your thoughts in the comment section.


What’s in the box:

Each pack will INCLUDE:
• 1 Autograped Relic or Silver Signatures
Autograph or Golden Graph Auto
• 4 Five Star Autographed Cards
• 1 Additional Five Star Autographed Card or
Cut Signature or Legends Relic or 1/1 Relic

There are four of these packs Per Case

Product Breakdown:

Five Star Active/Retired Player Autographs
Sequentially numbered.
• Rainbow Parallel – #’d to 25
• Five Star Parallel – #’d 1/1

Silver Signatures Signed in silver ink.
Golden Graphs Signed in gold ink. NEW!
• Base Versions – #’d to 50
• Purple Parallel – #’d to 25
• Blue Parallel – #’d to 20
• Green Parallel – #’d to 15
• Gold Parallel – #’d to 10
• Orange Parallel – #’d to 5
• Red Parallel – #’d 1/1


Five Star Autographed Jumbo Patches
Featuring an autograph and a .875” x 1.875” patch.
#’d to 35.
• Gold Parallel – #’d to 10
• Rainbow Parallel – #’d to 5
• Five Star Parallel – #’d 1/1

Five Star MLB® Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch Autographed Card #’d 1/1


Five Star Dual Signature Patch Book 

Featuring autographs and patchesof two MLB ® players.
#’d to 10.

Five Star 4-Piece Signatures Book Card

Autographed Jumbo Relic Book Card #’d to 50.
• Gold Patch Parallel –
#’d to 10
• Five Star Parallel –
#’d 1/1

Five Star 4-Piece Signature Book

Featuring an autograph and 4 relics of an MLB ® player. #’d to 50.
• Gold Patch Parallel – #’d to 10
• Five Star Parallel – #’d 1/1


Letters Jersey letter patches from the back of MLB ® players’ jerseys. #’d 1/1
Legends Relic #’d to 25
Dual Legends Relic Featuring two all-time greats. #’d to 10
Bat Knobs #’d 1/1
Bat Plates #’d 1/1
Five Star Cut Signatures #’d 1/1


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