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Hockey fans: If you haven’t looked into In The Game’s latest release StickWork you are missing out.  This 2,500 box release features nothing but hockey sticks from the 1930’s up until now, and what has been pulled so far looks fantastic.

One of the great things about In the Game is the tenacity they have shown to show the rest of the industry that they belong in this sector. The first sentence from the product description is priceless:

Let’s face it, it is easy to acquire an old hockey card  brand  produced in the 1990s, use similar designs and make cards of the same players you just released in your last six products.

With StickWork, ITG has shown once again they there should be more attention paid to some of the other hockey manufacturers. Each box contains 3-game used stick cards placed in magnetic holders to ensure the highest quality.  ITG has recommended that collectors don’t open the cards from the case and has also stated that customer service is going to be diligent on collector requests for replacement.  They are really pushing the quality assurance on these, but it’s easy to see why; these cards are fantastic pieces of art and they’ve been given the thrice-over to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Here is a gallery of what you can expect to pull from vintage game used sticks, to Lumbergraphs:



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