Professional Sports Authenticator upgrades card holders,security features

By: Danny Laurel


Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) has upgraded security features to its card holders to keep up with the ever-changing landscape in card grading.  At first glance, the holders don’t look much different, but upon further inspection you will notice a new hologram-foil on the PSA label and as President, Joe Orlando explains, the holder itself has been reconstructed:

“Most of the holders used by PSA since 1991 until now were constructed in such a way that the two components, the ‘male’ and ‘female’ parts, met in the middle where the sonic weld is placed.  Along the edges of the previous holder, where the two parts come together, you will find a groove that extends around the perimeter of the plastic,” Orlando pointed out.

“The new holder is different because instead of two pieces meeting in the middle, the top piece now envelops the bottom.  This removes the groove that existed along the edge and leaves a smooth appearance around the outside instead.  In addition, while the new holder is slightly thicker, they have a stackable reverse which works with old holders as well.  In other words, even if you mix old and new holders, they can still be stacked together.”

As Orlando points out, it is important to upgrade the holders as the size of the cards are changing.  Modern-day patch cards have become increasingly thick and it is necessary to create holders to protect them.

This is a better, more secure holder that looks great while preserving the look of PSA brand.  We plan to announce a re-holder special for those who wish to have their cards encapsulated in the new model.  That announcement will be made after all of the new sizes are available from the manufacturer, said Orlando

It is fun to see an upgrade to the holders especially when you compare the PSA holder to a BGS from Beckett Media. I’ve always favored the BGS holders based off of the feel of the holder itself.  Just a little more ‘beefy’.


Let me know what you think in the comment section below.  Do you think PSA needed an upgrade ?