Does Flawless live up to the hype?

The time has finally arrived to rip open the luxury, high-end, Flawless basketball from Panini America.  Anytime something comes out with very high expectations there are always going to be a handful of critics that will slam it.  I will try hard not to do that, but at the end of the day these are basketball cards that don”t off anything else spectacular in design than a National Treasures product.  Sure, you get the fancy briefcase that it arrives in and some gem stone crumbs, but I don”t know Startskottet for Jack Vegas gick 1995 da lagen om spelautomater andrades. if its going to be worth the $1250 in the end.

As I”m typing this there are two auctions ending with over two days left and already over the $500 mark.

2013 Flawless Kobe Bryant

2013 Kyrie Irving 

Here are some breaks of this stuff so far:


So there are some amazing looking cards coming out of this product.  No one is going to deny that, but are we seeing something revolutionary here?  I just don”t think so.  I hope people that spend their money on this feel good about it in however they justify card purchases, but I will just enjoy it from a distance.

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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