Pack Preview: 2014 Topps Series One Baseball

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Update: Here is the FULL CHECKLIST for 2014 Topps Series One


We’re a little over halfway through 2013, but details are already available for 2014 Topps Series One.  The ‘Flagship’ of Topps, Series One sets the precedent for what collectors can expect for the upcoming year.  We get the first looks at some of the upcoming rookies and that is going to be the focus for 2014.

Claiming ‘The Future is Now’, Topps has decided to focus on rookies and young stars in this set.  A lot of the insert sets will have a rookie theme to them and they will also have rookie buyback cards and baseball’s greatest stars showcasing their rookie years.

The box breakdown is the same.  Each hobby box will contain one autograph or relic and each jumbo hobby box will have one autograph and two relics.  If you’re looking to flip, the jumbo boxes are always the way to go if you can afford them.  The guarantee of the autograph just outweighs the possibility of getting one in a regular hobby box.  You will also receive the award-winner relics at a greater pace since they are one per jumbo box.

Series one has 330 base cards which will include vets, rookies, league leaders, World Series highlights and the return of the fun insert, Future Stars.  This time without the rainbow coloring unfortunately.

There have been a few updates to the paralleling to this set.  You’ll still see the gold, camo, black, pink, platinum parallels, but new this year are Red Hot Foil parallels (1:6 packs), and clear parallel printed on clear stock ( like the acetate cards?). These are numbered to ten, hobby only, but not in jumbo packs.  (I still think the jumbos are the way to go, but these will be a great secondary market card)



Commemorative Relic Cards:

  • Topps All Rookie Cup Team (10)- Topps selected ten cards for the all-time All-Rookie team
  • Class rings- 25 of the greatest of all time, with an embedded commemorative rin top celebrating rookie class year.
  • Class ring autographs– Same as above, but signed and numbered to 10.

Autograph Inserts:

  • Trajectory autos- Autograph cards illustrating the player’s progression from rookie year until now.
  • The Future is Now– 30 subjects, #/25.
  • Upper Class Autos– 25 subjects, #/50
  • Topps All-Rookie team– Five subjects, #/50
  • Before they were great– 15 subjects, #/10 and signed on-card.
  • 1989 Topps Minis Die-Cut– 10 subjects,#/10 & on-card.
  • World Series champions autos- Five subjects, #/50
  • Postseason Performance– 10 subjects, #/50


The flagship set is always going to accommodate both hit collectors, set builders and everything in between. 2014 seems to have a little more meat on the bone with buyback redemptions and a heavier autograph checklist.  The rookie theme may be lost on most collectors, but some may raise an eyebrow on them competing with Bowman.  That will remain to be seen, especially if the 2014 Prospect crop doesn’t have as much to offer.


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