2013 Goodwin Champions features Sports Royalty

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Upper Deck’s artistic multi-sport and entertainment set, Goodwin Champions, is off any running and one thing is for sure: It’s loaded.  Everything from basic short print cards and relics, to natural element pieces to Wild West relics.  One of the case hits in this product are the Sports Royalty autographs.  Only 13 in the entire checklist, a couple of these are already calling for big money on the secondary market.  Be on the lookout for these to continue to rise as these are fairly scarce.



SRA-BJ Bo Jackson 
SRA-BO Bobby Orr 
SRA-JR Jerry Rice 
SRA-LJ LeBron James 
SRA-MJ Michael Jordan 
SRA-ML Mario Lemieux 
SRA-NR Nolan Ryan 
SRA-RM Rory McIlroy 
SRA-RP Richard Petty 
SRA-SC Sidney Crosby 
SRA-SY Steve Young 
SRA-TH Tony Hawk 
SRA-TW Tiger Woods 

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