2013 Bowman Inception Wax Review

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The release of 2013 Bowman Inception baseball has been met with favorable reviews thus far.  The imagery is pretty solid, and everyone loves a thicker card stock.  Most of the prospect autographs are on-card, but there are still plenty of sticker autographs and the dreaded redemption cards.  Most collectors still dislike the idea of redemptions in a higher-end item, but that’s a whole other headache to delve into.

The checklist for Bowman Inception isn’t very deep, but there are plenty of options for each player on what you can pull.  Parallels and different patch sizes make it easier to collect more of your favorite player, unless of course, he plays on either the Indians, Braves or Brewers.  Those teams didn’t have any ‘hits’ in this product.


From silver autographs to inscription autos, the on-card signatures are definitely the more appealing.  Players seemed to have used the available space to let the ink flow.   On the sticker autographs you only have a small amount of space, so when applied a card that has more writing area the juxtaposition looks really bad.

Have you opened any Bowman Inception baseball?  Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Here are some key items available now:

2013 Bowman Inception Yasiel Puig Purple

2013 Bowman Inception Byron Buxton Inscription auto


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