Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Update Baseball

UPDATE: Full Checklist now available!


The flagship Topps set kicks off the baseball card sets for the year, but as in life, things change.  Players get trades, other players gain recognition, etc, so the Update set allows for special editions and a focus on the All-Star game.

2013’s Update set is a standard continuation of the first two series, but this year will include a Sapphire Foil full set parallel.  All 990 cards from series 1, 2, and update will be included and numbered to 25.  A set builders nightmare.  The other parallels from the year will be included, (Pink, Emerald, Dessert, Printing plates and Silk cards), so there will be a lot from which to choose.

The 330-card base set has notable All-Star game inserts like Home Run Derby and players that were elected, but will also feature additional rookie cards and a Record Chasers insert.

Each Jumbo box and one Hobby case will contain a manufactured relic card.  These were a big hit when they starting coming out of Series one.  The quality of the design was key and they had plenty of variety.  2013 Update will feature League Leader Pins, Record-Holder rings, and Pennant Chase copper coins. The coins will be numbered to 99 with a Wrought Iron parallel #/50 and a Steel version #/10.

Notable Autograph cards:

1971 Topps Mini Autos- 10 Subjects, signed on card and numbered to 10.

Chasing History Autos– Over 30 players chasing a record. Gold Parallels numbered to 10.

Chasing History cut signatures– 20 subjects and each numbered 1/1.

Making their Mark– 10 players and Gold parallel numbered to 10.

Postseason Heroes autos- Only ten players each numbered to 10.

Franchise Forerunners Dual Autos- 10 cards with dual-autos. Each numbered to 10.

Hobby and Jumbo will feature Chasing History and Postseason Heroes autograph cards that will also feature a game-used relic piece.

Because Update is the All-Star game set, this year’s additions will be stocked with ASG memorabilia.  All-Star Stitches will feature at least 60 players with jersey relic swatches. Gold and Platinum parallels available numbered to 50 and 1 respectively.

Other All-Star game inclusions:

AS Stitches Auto relics– 15 all-stars of the relic set will also have an auto. Numbered to 25.

AS Jumbo Patches– 50 all-stars with a jumbo patch relic. Numbered to six and hobby only.

AS Jumbo patch autos– 10 all-stars will have a jumbo patch with an auto. Also numbered to six and hobby only.

AS Stitches dual-  Two players featured with relic pieces. Numbered to 25.

AS Stitches triple– 10 cards featuring three all-stars with jersey relic from each.  Numbered to 25 and hobby only.

The ultimate chase theme continues with Update and 10 more cards will be inserted.  Each will be the top active or retired stars with a unique relic  and autograph or cut signature.


Product Breakdown:

Each pack contains ten (10) ’13 Topps Update
Series Baseball cards.

Thirty-six (36) packs per box
Twelve (12) boxes per case

Be on the lookout for this during the first week of October, 2013.