Your card collections are about to go mobile

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Sports Card Album takes your card collections mobile founder, Sergio Dubois, recently announced a new website and app that is set to turn the sports card world on its heels. It’s called, Sports Card Album , and it is a reinvention of how collectors have been able to organize and share their collections to others.

Collectors will be able to photograph individual cards, enter in specific information and the app will categorize them and add additional info to make sharing easier in the mobile world. Image codes, and posting to Twitter and Facebook will allow collectors to scroll through collections and find cards in other collections as well.  The app is being readied for beta testing, but the Twitter and Facebook pages are ready to go to build the anticipation.

One of the things that make this new app highly desirable is its cost: Free.  Dubois wants people to be able to enjoy this creation and share it with each other.  His enthusiasm is one of the reasons we enjoy having him as our football contributor and you can see more of the excitement in the announcement video below.


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