2013 Topps Archives Football Preview

Topps Archives Football makes its highly anticipated debut this spring! From today’s stars on classic Topps designs, to iconic reprints and recreations of memorable insert sets, Archives Football has it all! Look for an assortment of autographs, including Fan Favorites, Topps Originals, 1988 Minis and 1965 Tall Boys! Also look for redemptions for original cards, packs, complete sets, uncut sheets, and special gems from the Topps Vault! Expected Release Date: May 15th, 2013


  • 24 packs per box
  • 8 cards per pack
  • 2 autographs per hobby box


  • Base Cards (200 subjects) Featuring Retired Stars, Veterans and Top Rookies on 1959, 1976, 1985, and 1986 designs.


  • Archives Gold Parallel (1:12)
  • Base Card Printing Plates – 1 of 1 Hobby Only!

The Fan Favorites autographs make their long-awaited return in football! These hard-signed cards feature such NFL franchise favorites as “Ickey” Woods, Mercury Morris, Ben Coates, “Flipper” Anderson, Christian Okoye and Eric Allen on designs from their era, but with all-new photography. There are up to 75 different players in all!


  • Topps Originals – Up to 10 stars will sign 10 copies of an original card. Sequentially #’d to 10 Hobby Only
  • Framed Autographed 1988 TOPPS Minis – Up to 25 players sign mini verisons of the 1988 Topps design. Seq #’d to 25 Hobby Only
  • 1984 TOPPS Autograph Book Cards – Up to 10 book cards featuring two of the hottest rookies from the 2012 season on each card. Seq #’d 1 of 1 Hobby Only
  • Autographed USFL Buybacks – Up to 10 players sign their original USFL cards from the 1980s. Seq #’d to 10
  • 1980s Celebrity Cut Signatures


  • 1970 Topps Glossy (25 subjects) (1:6)
  • 1,000-Yard Club Rack Pack Inserts (25 subjects) (1:8)
  • 1968 Topps Stand-Ups (15 subjects)
  • Topps Originals – Topps buybacks, foil stamped with “TOPPS ORIGINALS” logo.
  • Topps Originals Redemptions – Good for graded/un-graded original cards, packs and complete sets.
  • Topps Vault Redemptions – Good for items sold on the Topps Vault.
  • Uncut Sheet Redemptions – Good for an uncut sheet from the base set.
  • Insert Printing Plates (130 cards) Hobby Only


1985 Topps Box Bottom Cards of top players will be printed directly onto the bottom of the Hobby box, just as was done in the 80’s, featuring the 1985 Topps design with a red border. Hobby Only!

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