Pack Preview: 2013 Topps Triple Threads


2013 Topps Triple Threads returns with slight design update



Here is the full checklist! 


Topps has released product information for its latest installment of Triple Threads, and from early product information, it looks like TTT (as it”s commonly referred) got a little makeover.

Basic box breakdown is the same: An autographed triple relic card numbered to 99 or less, a triple relic card numbered to 36 or less, a Triple Threads unity autograph jumbo single relic numbered to 99 or less and a Triple Threads unity jumbo single-relic card numbered to 36 or less.  This will be split among two packs in the box and is paired with three base cards and two parallel cards.  If anyone has watched a box break video of TTT then you know the famous, “pull the two from the back and place in front” method.

The 100 base cards will feature parallels in a wide range of beautiful color highlights. Amethyst (#/399?), Emerald (#/250), Amber (#/125), Gold (#/99), Onyx (#/50), Sapphire (#/25), Ruby parallel and 400 printing plates all numbered to only one copy each.

The base card design is the most obvious update to this set.  With recent successes to last year”s Museum Collection, Five-Star, TTT has borrowed some design aspects from those sets as well.  Nice silver-border is incorporated into the base card which frames the players nicely.

The first grouping of auto”d triple relics will feature Rookies & Future Phenoms and base cards.  Parallels include: Sepia (#/75), Emerald (#/50), Black signed in silver (#/25), Black signed in gold (#/10), Ruby, Wood and White Whales will be all 1/1.

The next set of auto”d triple relics will have over 250 different cards featuring 75 players with 1-5 different die cuts per player.  These are a little hard pulls as they are numbered to 18 each.  Parallels included are: Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), Ruby, Wood and more White Whales all numbered 1/1.

The autographed relic combos will have over 12 cards featuring three players and three relics. These will be pokies online numbered to only 36 copies and featured same parallels as above, but also Sepia (#/27) and Emerald (#/18).

Also be on the lookout for the autographed relic double combos. These will be included in six different book cards with six players and six relics.  Each numbered to only three, these are sure to be a panic inducer when opened!



If you prefer your book cards to feature only one player then fear not; 16 book cards will feature one player with an autograph, but also feature three relic pieces. One of those relic pieces will be a jumbo relic. Each numbered to three, also look for ruby parallels are a parallel numbered to one. There is also a letter patch version of this with same numbering.

Cut signatures are available from 10 different legends that will contain three relic pieces and will be numbered 1/1. There are also six book cards featuring two all-time legends with cut autos and six relic pieces.  These are also limited to one.

Non-auto”d relic cards included will be available for 150 different current players and 20 all-time greats. Base versions numbered 36 and Sepia (#/27), Emerald (#/18), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3) and Ruby versions limited to one.

To up the ante a bit, triple relic cards featuring three different players are also available with same paralleling. These can also be found in book form with six additional book cards featuring six players and six relic pieces.  For All-Star game fans, 65 cards will feature workout jersey patches, all numbered to nine. Be on the lookout for book cards of these with same paralleling as the others.

Bat knobs and bat name plates made a huge impression with collectors last year and 2013 TTT will keep the excitement of pulling one of those major hits alive. 15 book cards will feature player”s bat name plate and 16 additional book cards will feature three relic pieces.  Those numbered to one and three respectively. Bat knobs will be included in 10 book cards, and those are all 1/1.

Triple threads is definitely a relic-heavy set, and three-panel cards featuring jumbo patches and swatches are sure to bring more excitement to this year”s set. But highly-detailed single jumbo relics can be just as impressive.  Look at full gallery and judge for yourself.

Be on the lookout for Triple Threads to hit the market early September.




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