MLB, Topps snub the Astros. Again.

Topps announced this week via Twitter that it did not receive approval from MLB to use the earlier-announced Colt 45’s short-prints that were going to be included into 2013 Topps Heritage; instead will be replaced with Washington Senators short-prints that will include Bryce Harper.

This announcement comes on the heels of a public relations hailstorm that fell on Topps in the last week.  First unveiling the world’s largest baseball card, featuring Series One cover boy Prince Fielder, then a frenzy among various media outlets attacking Topps for removing Pete Rose information from the backs of the baseball cards all-time hits leader chase information. 

The main thing to take away from Topps’ decision to not include Mr. Rose, or the gun-yielding Colt 45’s logo, is that it’s not Topps’ choice, but in fact, Major League Baseball’s power over Topps to allow or disallow such information.

After the tragic events happening with the Sandy Hook students, and the other recent tragedies involving guns it just seems like MLB is playing it safe having Topps use an alternative team for the short printed cards.

Even before those tragedies, the Houston Astros had planned on using the original Colt’s jerseys during various ‘throwback’ games during the 2012 season.  Orginally, MLB didn’t want them to use the logos, but after uproar from the Astros fanbase ultimately decided to let the Astros make its own decision.

Not the case with Topps sports cards.

For collectors, like myself, looking forward to those cards will just have to settle with having any Astros in the set at all.