Happy Birthday Mr. President

There have been presidential trading cards since the late 19th century; and even today, each of the three major trading card manufacturers has come out with some form of addition to their respective lineups.  Most recently, Upper Deck included presidents to the World of Sport product line showcasing the hopefuls (at the time) that were running for office.

Today on George Washington’s birthday I reflect on some of the more interesting cards that he has been featured on.  Remember- there are a lot of cards featuring presidents.  If you’re interested in collecting this genre they come in a varying degree of price points.  There are some presidential tobacco cards from the 1880’s that can be had for around the $50 range, or something like the 1888 N124 set which has a William McKinley currently listed at $399 on ebay.

Here are some of the other George Washington cards you can find on the secondary market:



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